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Rule 15.7 Watership down (WSD)


Competitors will fly to the launch point of a hare balloon, follow the hare and attempt to achieve a mark or valid track point close to a target displayed by the hare no more than two meters upwind of the basket after landing.


Task data:

a. description of the hare balloon
b. location of the launch point of the hare balloon
c. set take-­off time of the hare balloon
d. intended flight duration of the hare balloon


The result is the distance from the mark or closest valid track point to the target. Smallest result is best. If the hare balloon does not take off within 5 minutes after the set time then this task is considered cancelled. Variation from the flight duration of the hare shall not be ground for complaint.

The hare may deflate after landing and may be removed from the field. The hare may display a banner hanging below his basket. No competitor shall display any banner hanging below the basket during this task.