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Rule 15.5 Fly on (FON)


Competitors will attempt to achieve a mark or valid track point close to a goal selected and declared by them during flight.


Task data:

a. method of declaration 
b. number of goals permitted
c. goals available for declarations
d. minimum and maximum distance between previous mark and declared goal


The result is the distance from the mark or closest valid track point to the nearest valid declared goal. Smallest result is best.

Declaration method for events with observers: The competitor must declare his Fly On goal(s) either on the previous marker or on his assigned observer’s report form. The declaration can take place at any time prior to dropping the previous marker. The declaration must be written by the pilot. A verbal declaration will not be recorded.

If the observer is flying in the basket, he should witness and record any declaration written on the marker before the marker is released. Any valid declaration on the marker will invalidate all declarations on the observer report form. If no valid goal is declared the competitor will not achieve a result. If more goals are declared than are permitted the competitor will be scored to the least advantageous valid goal.