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21th European Championships Hot Air Ballooning
22 - 27 oct 2019, Mallorca, Spain
1-13 sept 2020, World Air Games, Turkey
24th World Championships Hot Air Ballooning
20-26 sept 2020, Murska Sobota, Slovenie...
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Hawkeye Team
Let op, nog 3 weken om in te schrijven.
Thu 20 Sep 22:57:58 via Facebook      
Hawkeye Team
Sun 02 Sep 18:41:30 via Facebook      
Hawkeye Team
Ook dit jaar organiseert Ad Ballon weer een internationale wedstrijd in de omgeving van Breda/Zundert. Deze wedstri…
Thu 30 Aug 9:05:48 via Facebook      

Competition tasks

From adrenaline, little sleep, tactics, performances, fun, teamwork true tasks to become Dutch Champion.

The general rules for hot air ballooning championships: AX-Mer 2014

Below you will find some movies with explanations form tasks how the should / can be performed.

15.1 Pilot Declared Goal

15.2 Judge Declared Goal

15.3 Hesitation Waltz

15.4 Fly In

15.5 Fly On

15.6 Hare and Hounds

15.7 Watership Down

15.8 Gordon Bennet Memorial

15.9 Calculated Rate of Approach Task

15.10 Race to an Area

15.11 Elbow

15.12 Land Run

15.13 Minimum Distance

15.14 Shortest Flight

15.16 Maximum Distance Time

15.17 Maximum Distance

15.18 Maximum Distance Double Drop