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21th European Championships Hot Air Ballooning
22 - 27 oct 2019, Mallorca, Spain
1-13 sept 2020, World Air Games, Turkey
24th World Championships Hot Air Ballooning
20-26 sept 2020, Murska Sobota, Slovenie...
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Hawkeye Team
Ad Ballon Cup 2018 3-4 november met een uitloop naar 10-11 november 2018. Wedstrijdeider; Jonas Maes, Wedstrijd; m
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Hawkeye Team
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Hawkeye Team
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Sponsors wanted

We are a Hot Air Balloon Racing Team looking for a sponsor or sponsors.
This is possible for several years or just per championship and there are also other possibilities.
If you want to sponsor us, we will advertise and promote your business on our website and facebook.

In 2012 we went to the Hot Air Ballooning Championships in the United States of America.
Here we found a sponsor who wanted to ship to location our basket, Balloon and accessories.
IJS Global Netherlands B.V. (



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Ad Ballon Breda


Albert Heijn Zundert


Alexander de Bont