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Hawkeye Team
Unfortunately no championship flight in Waasland this weekend
Thu 11 Apr 19:21:14 via Facebook      
Hawkeye Team
I posted a new video to Facebook
Sun 07 Apr 20:25:03 via Facebook      
Hawkeye Team
Flight no 2 Tasks where changed. FIN and FON
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Ad Ballon Cup 2018
3-4 November with a reserve data 10-11 November 2018.
Competition director; Jonas Maes,
Competition; with loggers

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World Championships Hot Air Ballooning 2018;
Gross-Siegharts, Austria


25-08-2018 am

The last morning we get up early for the briefing,
okay outside tomorrow morning than we will leave to go home again.
We have not received a message that the briefing will not continue despite
that it already rains from 00.30 hours, so hop off and go to the briefing.
Once there, the room has not yet been opened, so less hope we will have
a task sheet. Our thoughts are confirmed. We can enter and unfortunately
no more flight this morning.

We finally ended on the 40th place with 17244 points.
Of course we had hoped for a better result,
but we stood during the championships on the
35th, 24th, 12th, 7th, 14th, 18th, 22nd, 31st, and 41st place
So certainly not badly done. If we say so to ourselves.

No. 1 Dominic Bareford (GBR) 24137 points
No. 2 Stefan Zeberli (SUI) 23246 points
No. 3 Sergey Latypov (RUS) 23017 points

24-08-2018 am
This morning we get up again to go to the briefing. We walk to the hall
and hear from people that we only have one task, a HWZ. We will take off
from the common launch field. This means that the organization still has doubts
about whether and maybe they will not send us in the air.
Storm lights have already been seen during the briefing.

Of course we drive to the take-off field, and this time we got our balloon
ready. We do not want the same thing as yesterday. After just over 45 min.
waiting there comes the decision. A black flag. Flight has been canceled.

23-08-2018 pm
This evening we are going to the briefing. There are 2 different tasksheets ready.
hmm, what are we going to do. On the first task sheet stands a HWZ and on the second
tasksheet a PDG (Pilot Declared Goal). We go to the common launch point.
We wait and wait, there are still showers in the air and it seems very unstable.
On the tasksheet states that when the purple flag goes up, the first task sheet
expires and then the second goes into effect.

You will already guess the purple flag goes up and soon after the yellow one. (5 min
warning for the green) We were not really prepared for this, so everything is getting ready
fast and quickly. We now wanted the windfall data very quickly, because we need
to choose the goal ourselves. You can declare the goal, but that must be 3 km in front of it
the goal and a 1000 ft difference in altitude. We already have the goal on the ground
declared for the start, but in the air we have this resistance to a goal closer,
because we have less than an hour to score.

We fly, and see the time running up and down that we still have to go to the goal.
Then we are turning left or right of the goal. It is very hard work to work within
the right time and the right altitude to go to the target and then push the marker on the logger.

We mark at 33 meters and with a time of 19:54. Scorings time was 8 PM. Being satisfied
we do this.

23-08-2018 am
This morning will be a long flight in the air.
The tasks are XDD, Maximum Distance Double Drop, 2x HWZ a LRN and a
Donut. At the XDD Henk hangs above other balloons, he can still throw on the goal
with his markers. Henk goes through to the first HWZ and goes well on this.
On the second HWZ he is also going wright, but he even has to go back up again
to do something better. Unfortunately the winds that other balloons had
Henk has not so he had to throw at pretty far from the cross.

Shortly after the HWZ is his Donut. Unfortunately, just before take-off he moved it
and now with little wind he does not have much gas anymore. He tries to make the
best of this. Henk indicates that he is out the Donut and continues for his LRN.

A little more than 30 minutes later he indicates that he has landed. We pack and go
back for the gas refueling.
Unfortunately with this speed we will drop even further.

22-08-2018 pm
We are ready again for the evening flight. 2 tasks and we will start from the
CLA (Common Launch Area). The green flag is getting up at 6:40 PM and we
start with the filling of the balloon. The first task is an HWZ and we can
choose from 4 goals. In the first instance, we want to go for the most southern target.
Once in the air we notice that we are in between 2 goals. So we decide to go for the
slightly northern goal.

First we fly high to take the right direction. After this we must come down fast
to fly better to the target. In the end we throw somewhere at 35 meters we think.
Going to the next task the FIN. We only now realize that we have made a mistake.
We had to put before the HWZ this goal in the logger, but we have changed the goal after the HWZ.
So here we will unfortunately not have a good score.

22-08-2018 am
After a bad evening we get up again for the morning flight.
We have the tasksheet in front of us with 4 assignments GBM, CRT, JDG and HWZ.
Gordon Bennett Memorial, Calculated Rate of Approach, Judge Declared Goal and a
Hesitation Waltz.
We can fly these tasks in different order. Yes and again now we have to find our
own take-off location.

We fly towards the GBM, there is already a clod of balloons in the neighborhood of
the cross. We arrive at the right side of the cross, going down to go more to the cross.
At first it seems that this does not work, but the holder wins. We do not need to score
on the cross for this purpose, but in one of the triangles. We put the marker almost in
the tip of the triangle. Yes, we are happy with this.

After these task we fly to the HWZ, we are in a bit of a mess with a
Britisch pilot, but still come to the cross reasonably well. This is a gravity drop, so we can
just drop the marker.

After completing this task, we still have 2 tasks to go, but these ones are
going on time. At the CRT we have 2 boxes A-A and 2 boxes B-B. We can score
in the boxes A-A from xx: 00: 00 to xx: 14: 59 or xx: 30: 00 to xx: 44: 59 and
in the boxes B-B from xx: 15: 00 to xx: 29: 59 or xx: 45: 00 to xx: 59: 59
We get a score in A on time and well.

The last task JDG, also this one is on time. There are 2 goals available. We go
for the most left target where we are between xx: 15: 00 to xx: 29: 59 or
xx: 45: 00 to xx: 59: 59 allowed to score with the marker or the logger.
It looks like we can just reach this goal, but behind the trees and the hill the
wind goes in all directions. Eventually we even fly back from where we came from.
The time for the most left goal is providing, but because we are going back and
even more towards the right goal we decide to log on to this goal.
Fairly satisfied with this trip.

Now rest and then the flight for this evening.

21-08-2018 pm
We enthusiastically skip this quickly.
The tasks a HWZ and a FIN. Also this time we have to look for
our own take-off field. We can go up between 18.45 and 19.30.
After much deliberation we decide to take off at the last moment
on a small road. Everything must be done very quickly due to
the time of take-off. There we go, to the FIN, but we fly too far
to the left. We are logger at more than 200 meters.
Going to the last task, but we don`t get the wind to the right,
we also logger for more than 200 meters.

On to tomorrow morning for better results.

21-08-2018 am
After a short night, we get up again for the morning flight.
On the tasksheet are standig 5 tasks. FIN, CRT, JDG, HWZ and a 3DT (Donut).
Fly In, Calculated Rate of Approach, Judge Declared Goal, Hesitation Waltz and
a 3D Target (Donut)

As expected, we have to look for our own take-off place again. Together with
the Belgians and the Dutch we are working together to find the right location.
It is busy with all teams.

We decide to take off at 6:15 am because we have to go to one
goal where you can only score between 6: 15.59 and 6.29.59. It is extremely busy
with balloons and we have to be very careful that we do not get caught up
with other balloons. We score here at 14.55 mtr.

The next task is the CRT, here is also a time to attached to score
in the largest area. We want to go down, but we are coming against a balloon.
I hold my hands against the balloon to make no damage.We had expected that
we would no longer be right for the cross, but luckily this is not too bad.
We score 3.26 m for 719 points.

We fly to the JDG, here too it is busy with balloons, but we score well
at 5.70 mtr, 836 points. For the HWZ we can choose from 2 goals we want
to go for the leftmost goal, but we quickly notice that we are ahead better
for the other goal. We think fewer balloons and a better approach, but also
that is still disappointing. As we get closer to the target, it becomes busier
with balloons. Fortunately, we know this well to fly and we throw at 5.20 meters.

The last task 3DT (Donut) aiii here we are going wrong. You can score at 2000 ft
We are also at this height, but we have not noticed that at 3000 ft there is a
better wind for this assignment. We notice this only just before we left the Donut.
Unfortunately missed opportunity. So no good result here.

On to the evening cruise.

20-08-2018 pm
After the morning flight we have reached the top 10, yes what a performance 7e
place overall. What are we happy for this moment.

Of course the evening flight must still be flown.
We are taking off from a common area to go to an HWZ and a FON.
There is quite a bit of wind. At the first we go lower, but we pull a lot to the right.
By the last assignment, this is not far away from the first and we are therefore soon there,
we are trowing from high.
For both tasks we have to wait and see what we scored. We think we dropped a
few places.

On to tomorrow morning where we have new opportunities again.

20-08-2018 am
Get up early to go to the briefing. On hthe tasksheet there are standing 4 tasks.
MDD, HWZ,HWZ en FON. So a Minimum Distance Double Drop, Hestitation Waltz 2x 
and a Fly On.

Taking off again is from a location that we need to find ourselves. We get up in the air after 6 o'clock
and flying to the target where we have to throw 2 markers in the A-A or B-B boxes. We throw here
in the right boxes, so we definitely have a score.

On to the next, the first HWZ, here we throw at 10.26 mtr. We had hoped for something more,
but we have to do it with this. Through to the second HWZ 29.84 mtr good for 962 points.
So very satisfied with this.
The last task is the FON. We must declare at least 5 km of the chosen target.
The wind is falling away we take a little longer to come there, but we logger at about 14 meters.

Tonight we will go again.

19-08-2018 pm
17:00 hrs briefing time, We have this night only 1 task a HWZ. Choice of
5 goals. We also have to look for our own place to start.
After consultation with the teams we decided to drive to a certain location and there on
to start.
We climb up and are right there with lots of balloons in the neighborhood, so it is again
pay close attention to what is happening around us. We decide to go a little higher, to the
direction of 1 goal and than go down to the cross.

The Swiss are in front of us and a American behind us.  It is exciting until the last moment.
We have to throw on the cross otherwise we do not have a score this time (or logger score)
Henk is going to throw the marker, he has to watch out that he does not throw too hard and not too softly.
Yes he throws on the cross. Super happy that we were, because we have a score.
After this we find a landing site and we pack everything in again.
See you all tomorrow :)

19-08-2018 am
Goodmorning Austria, Goodmorning Netherlands, Goodmorning to the World.
We started with the World Championship Ballooning.
05:00 this morning was the briefing.
The task sheet is for us with 5 tasks.
FIN, HWZ,HWZ,LRN and a PDG. hereby  the complete description, Fly In, Hesitation Waltz 2x
Land Run and a Pilot Declared Goal.

The most favorite part of Henk :), looking for a take-off place.
Together with Roy and our southern neighbors Steven and David we are looking for the place
where we want to take off. After measuring a few winds, we found our spot.
We rise and go for our first goal. This is the HWZ. We see the cross and flying with a lot of direction
to the goal. At the target it gets very busy with balloons.
It is quite exciting because you do not
want to be pushed away by an other balloon, and have a worse run, but this happens luckily not.
At 2.72 mtr we throw the marker. pffieuw..
through to the next.

The FIN, again we come with other balloons around us, but we still flying
near to the goal ..... Until a Frenchman let his balloon coming down quickly. He comes across the cross
and we have to drop our marker down on his balloon so that we have a score of 11.88 meters.
This sucks.

The next HWZ, pfffff what was this hanging for a long time and do not come to the cross.
Low we went back and high we went to the right, but the target was left.
I think we have hung here more than 45 minutes.
We finally went up to go to the next Task, but we managed to come over the cross
and can score with the marker 9.77 mtr.

The PDG, these we had to enter in to the logger, but we were not allowed to be there before 30 minutes.
This is well thought out and we arrive at the PDG in 30 minutes plus. We marked the
marker in to the logger. Because we are getting tight in gas and the scoring period is
almost over we try to make the LRN, but this may not be a high score.

We land and our team is there, packing and going to fill the gas.

New opportunities tonight :) :)
For video clips, check out our Hawkeye Team Facebook.


Total results

18 times Dutch Champion 2018

13 May, 4.15 hrs: We are going to the briefing for the last time. There is a lot of wind at low height. This time we all start together on the same field. The wind is already falling and getting stronger. Nevertheless, the race compition director decide to hoist the yellow flag and with this 5 min warning for the green flag, after which we can start with the inflation of the balloon. We are standing, but do not want to go up too fast. After letting a few balloons pass for us, we also rise. We fly to a JDG, Judge Decleared Goal. We fly very nicely, but Jan Timmers is close to us. We slowly descend and we pass Jan. we continue to take a left wind, but we do not get it. Then we notice that we are going to ground faster and faster. I shout attention, but too late we are thundering against the ground. @#*@#$% (cursed) Henk still knows how to throw on the cross with a distance of 3 meters. We have to go further, because we still have a PDG, Pilot Decleared Goal. Here I logger at 14 meters. So a pretty nice score. We are almost convinced that we have thrown out our championship with the first assignment.
After the landing our crew indicates that Jan Timmers pushed us down with the balloon, we did not notice this at all. we get 200 penalty points for a midair collision. Nothing is less true, full of disbelief we become Dutch Champion.

12 May, 18:30 hrs: On the briefing we get the task sheet for that evening. also this time we need to find our own take off place. We get in the air and need a more right wind. We fly to the FIN, Fly In from high, but we throw in the scoring area. We flew true over Gramsbergen where the next target lies the JDG, Judge Declared Goal. Here we score against the cross. The last task is a 3D or a PIE. We need to wait for the results. Tomorrow morning are the last changes.

12 May, 4.15 hrs: Off course a briefing :) and also we need to look for our own place to get in the air, our favorite kind of thing to do. We get up in the air and going for the MDD Minimum Distance Double Drop. We see a lot of balloons going right and at the ground going left. We are going down, but are not getting the left. A other balloon is sitting in our way and push us away. We trow the first marker in the marked field. After that the 2e. Fortuntely we are in both marked fields and have a score. On to the HWZ, we score on the cross and have a nice score. After that we have a XID Maximum Distance. We dicide to go for area B with a radius of 250 mtr. In this area we push on the logger on time. Than we need to go to area C, with a radius of 100 mtr. I pushed the button at 96 mtr. We won this task. The last task is an ANG Angle. Henk says to me that I need to push the button on the logger, but he decide that he wanted to wait.... to late I pushed it already. We don`t get the wright angle. We end the task en go for a landing spot. Back at the briefingroom the results of the first two targets are published. Nice scores. We are going to make us ready for tonight.

11 May, 4:15 hrs: We have on the briefing a task sheet with 5 tasks, CRT, HWZ, FON, PIE and a LRN.
We are looking for our own take off field and find a nice place. We are going up easy.
At the CRT we need to trow in field A, B or on the cross. In field A you can only score between 00.00-00.15 or 00.30-00.45. We are coming there around 06:20 so we do need to trow in B or on the cross. We score very nice on the cross. We fly further for the Hesitation Waltz, and are going for the most left target. Here we score at around 3,5 mtr. For the Fly On we need to choose our own goal with height. We press on the logger at 3 mtr, but there is coming a little bit height at. The Last 2 Tasks Are a PIE and a Land Run. The winds are no longer as what the piball gives. We need to wait what the results are for those. It was a very nice morning and the championship is official. :) 

11 May, 18:30 hrs: Today we have 3 tasks standing. We need to find our own place to get in the air. We found a spot and we got in the air. We have a to much left wind to get to the target, but we score very nice in the GBM. After that we need to go after the hare balloon to score on the cross. We are going from high to low and pass to much right of the cross. So not a good score. The last task is a donut, also for this we need to wait if we flew it wright. Now we are drinking a nice beer and rose, than go to bed end get up early for a morning flight.

10 May, 18.30 hrs: The seconde briefing is in full swing. There are standing 2 tasks on the sheet. 
They decided to go to the field and wait there. On the field we have a lot of gusts.
A little bit after 8 o`clock we get an extra briefing. Task 2 is canceled and for task 1 we have only 2 goals left in stead of 3.
20:25 thee green flag is there and we start with filling the balloon. In the air we get a nice steering to our goal..

After that the wind is not so good anymore. We need to have a more left wind. Unfortunately we need to prees the logger about 200 mtr. 

10 May, 4:15 hrs: the alarm goes off, we get up to go to the briefing.
There is 1 marker and 2 tasks a Fly In and a Fly On. Everything is viewed over and noted.
On the weather report are standing winds; 100 ft 14 kn, 250 ft 15 kn etc. much wind also rain is coming with possible thunder.
People outside are saying that it`s raining already
The flight is canceled for this morning because of rain and wind.