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Hawkeye Team
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Hawkeye Team
2 wedstrijden toegevoegd aan de lijst selectiewedstrijden 2018 Recent heeft het bestuur 2 aanvragen van DBCC-pilot…
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Hawkeye Team
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On this website we would like to introduce you to Hot Air Balloon Championships.
You will find information about:

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Ad Ballon Cup 2018
3-4 November with a reserve data 10-11 November 2018.
Competition director; Jonas Maes,
Competition; with loggers

Results 10-5-2018 23:00

18 times Dutch Champion. 2018

13 May, 4.15 uur: We are going to the briefing for the last time. There is a lot of wind at low height. This time we all start together on the same field. The wind is already falling and getting stronger. Nevertheless, the race compition director decide to hoist the yellow flag and with this 5 min warning for the green flag, after which we can start with the inflation of the balloon. We are standing, but do not want to go up too fast. After letting a few balloons pass for us, we also rise. We fly to a JDG, Judge Decleared Goal. We fly very nicely, but Jan Timmers is close to us. We slowly descend and we pass Jan. we continue to take a left wind, but we do not get it. Then we notice that we are going to ground faster and faster. I shout attention, but too late we are thundering against the ground. @#*@#$% (cursed) Henk still knows how to throw on the cross with a distance of 3 meters. We have to go further, because we still have a PDG, Pilot Decleared Goal. Here I logger at 14 meters. So a pretty nice score. We are almost convinced that we have thrown out our championship with the first assignment.
After the landing our crew indicates that Jan Timmers pushed us down with the balloon, we did not notice this at all. we get 200 penalty points for a midair collision. Nothing is less true, full of disbelief we become Dutch Champion.

12 May, 18:30 hrs: On the briefing we get the task sheet for that evening. also this time we need to find our own take off place. We get in the air and need a more right wind. We fly to the FIN, Fly In from high, but we throw in the scoring area. We flew true over Gramsbergen where the next target lies the JDG, Judge Declared Goal. Here we score against the cross. The last task is a 3D or a PIE. We need to wait for the results. Tomorrow morning are the last changes.

12 May, 4.15 hrs: Off course a briefing :) and also we need to look for our own place to get in the air, our favorite kind of thing to do. We get up in the air and going for the MDD Minimum Distance Double Drop. We see a lot of balloons going right and at the ground going left. We are going down, but are not getting the left. A other balloon is sitting in our way and push us away. We trow the first marker in the marked field. After that the 2e. Fortuntely we are in both marked fields and have a score. On to the HWZ, we score on the cross and have a nice score. After that we have a XID Maximum Distance. We dicide to go for area B with a radius of 250 mtr. In this area we push on the logger on time. Than we need to go to area C, with a radius of 100 mtr. I pushed the button at 96 mtr. We won this task. The last task is an ANG Angle. Henk says to me that I need to push the button on the logger, but he decide that he wanted to wait.... to late I pushed it already. We don`t get the wright angle. We end the task en go for a landing spot. Back at the briefingroom the results of the first two targets are published. Nice scores. We are going to make us ready for tonight.

11 May, 4:15 hrs: We have on the briefing a task sheet with 5 tasks, CRT, HWZ, FON, PIE and a LRN.
We are looking for our own take off field and find a nice place. We are going up easy.
At the CRT we need to trow in field A, B or on the cross. In field A you can only score between 00.00-00.15 or 00.30-00.45. We are coming there around 06:20 so we do need to trow in B or on the cross. We score very nice on the cross. We fly further for the Hesitation Waltz, and are going for the most left target. Here we score at around 3,5 mtr. For the Fly On we need to choose our own goal with height. We press on the logger at 3 mtr, but there is coming a little bit height at. The Last 2 Tasks Are a PIE and a Land Run. The winds are no longer as what the piball gives. We need to wait what the results are for those. It was a very nice morning and the championship is official. :) 

11 May, 18:30 hrs, Today we have 3 tasks standing. We need to find our own place to get in the air. We found a spot and we got in the air. We have a to much left wind to get to the target, but we score very nice in the GBM. After that we need to go after the hare balloon to score on the cross. We are going from high to low and pass to much right of the cross. So not a good score. The last task is a donut, also for this we need to wait if we flew it wright. Now we are drinking a nice beer and rose, than go to bed end get up early for a morning flight.

10 May, 18.30 hrs. The seconde briefing is in full swing. There are standing 2 tasks on the sheet. 
They decided to go to the field and wait there. On the field we have a lot of gusts.
A little bit after 8 o`clock we get an extra briefing. Task 2 is canceled and for task 1 we have only 2 goals left in stead of 3.
20:25 thee green flag is there and we start with filling the balloon. In the air we get a nice steering to our goal..

After that the wind is not so good anymore. We need to have a more left wind. Unfortunately we need to prees the logger about 200 mtr.

10 May, 4:15 the alarm goes off, we get up to go to the briefing.
There is 1 marker and 2 tasks a Fly In and a Fly On. Everything is viewed over and noted.
On the weather report are standing winds; 100 ft 14 kn, 250 ft 15 kn etc. much wind also rain is coming with possible thunder.
People outside are saying that it`s raining already
The flight is canceled for this morning because of rain and wind.


The first championship flight is a fact, 2 fights 8 tasks flown in Gramsbergen.

Nr. Name Nationality Total Score
1. Roy Gommer NED 5614
2. Jan Oudenampsen NED 5061
3. Henk Broeders NED 4901
4. Steven Vlegels BEL 4375
5. Jan Fokken NED 4120
6. Bert Stuiver NED 3824
7. Johannes Kooistra NED 3718
8. Erik Pals NED 3414

Total Score






More information will follow. Put it in your agenda !!!
Dutch Championships Hot Air Ballooning 10 - 13 mei, Gramsbergen, The Netherlands



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