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21th European Championships Hot Air Ballooning
22 - 27 oct 2019, Mallorca, Spain
1-13 sept 2020, World Air Games, Turkey
24th World Championships Hot Air Ballooning
20-26 sept 2020, Murska Sobota, Slovenie...
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Hawkeye Team
Unfortunately no championship flight in Waasland this weekend
Thu 11 Apr 19:21:14 via Facebook      
Hawkeye Team
I posted a new video to Facebook
Sun 07 Apr 20:25:03 via Facebook      
Hawkeye Team
Flight no 2 Tasks where changed. FIN and FON
Sun 07 Apr 19:28:00 via Facebook      

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Henk Broeders
General Information

        Entry fee 
        • € 60,-

        Entry deadline 30 oktober 2017
        Director Henk Broeders o.v.

        Saturday 18 nov Check in 06.30 – 07.00
        General briefing, subsequent

        Task briefing 07.00
        1st flight 08.00
        Task briefing 14.30
        2nd flight15.30
        Times will be changed during the championship when it will be on a later date.

        Registration is valid after receipt of the filled in registrationform (to request via and after paying the entry fee.
        Upon cancellation, registration fee will be refunded

        The first Saturday 18 November and by bad wether a delayed to 25 November, 2-9-16 December, 6-13-20 January
        en 3-10-17 February.

        All Competitors need to be insured following the European standards.

        Organisation - General Information:
        Henk Broeders
        Oekelsebaan 2b
        4881NG Zundert

        This is a competition witch will be flown with the DBCC loggers. 
        (Take care of a logger confirmation attached to the envelope at proximus 2 m above the nomex. This can be a loop or a ring)

         Ad Ballon
         Minervum 7348
         4871 ZD Breda

         AX-Mer 2017, adjusted by the organisation.

         Entry fee:
         Entry fee € 60,-
         This will automatically include the deposit of maps. It will be a low budget match without prices, catering etc. etc. After the match, the    
cost of the match will be reviewed and the balance will be returned to your bank account.




        The maps used are the same as during the ABC 2017 
        please contact if you do not have these maps.



        There is NO catering.
        If the briefing are held by Ad Ballon (depending off passenger fights)
        There is a coffee machine at Ad Ballon. Costs are 1 euro per consumption.

        There is a possibility after the morning flight to refeuling gas. Gasprice is € 1,25 per kilo. This must be payed in cash. Please indicated when
        you w
ish to apply.

     European Championships 2017, Brissac-Quince, France

       1. Stefan Zeberli    (SUI)  -  19648 
       2. Sergey Latypov (RUS) -  17861
       3. Roman Hugi      (SUI)   - 17227

       Total Results


     Dutch Championships 2017 (BBT Belgian Balloon Tropy)

       The Championships have been fought aigain. Team Hawkeye, in new formation, peformed very well. 
       We are Dutch Champion again for the 17th time. 
       In addition, we finished 3rd overall. With a participant field of 52 pilots from all over Europe.


                                       30 years ago; (Almost 31)
        Henk Broeders and Jan Fokken, two Passionate balloonists who wanted something different than commercial ballooning,
        Decided to take part in competitions and championships. Something that with much passion was experienced and exercised by both.
        Henk and Jan have been in the Dutch championship ballooning for 31 years.
        Below are all results that are known to us about their achievements in these 30 years;

          1987, Loohorst (NED), 
         6   Henk Broeders
         12e  Jan Fokken 
         1988, Havelte (NED),
         2e  Jan Fokken
         9e  Henk Broeders
         1989, Emmen (NED)
         3e    Jan Fokken (1silver medal)
         7e    Henk Broeders
         1990, Doetinchem (NED)
         4e  Jan Fokken
         5e  Henk Broeders
         1991, Loohorst (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (1 golden medal)
         5 Jan Fokken
         1992, Loohorst (NED)
         1 Henk Broeders (2golden medal)
         ?    Jan Fokken
         1993, Bad Camberg (GER)
         2e  Henk Broeders (1silver medal)
         ?   Jan Fokken
         1994, Stadskanaal (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (3golden medal)
         3 Jan Fokken (1bronze medal)
         1995, Zeeland NB (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (4golden medal)
         3e  Jan Fokken (2bronze medal)
         1996, Hardenberg (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (5e golden medal)
         7e  Jan Fokken
         1997, Zwolle (NED)
         3e  Jan Fokken (3bronze medal)
         4e  Henk Broeders 
         1998, Winterswijk (NED)
         2e  Jan Fokken (2silver medal)
         4 Henk Broeders
         1999, Ny-Hotton (BEL)
         1e  Jan Fokken (1golden medal)
         2e  Henk Broeders (2silver medal)
         2000, Wanroij (NED)
         4e    Henk Broeders
         7e  Jan Fokken
         2001, Zeeland NB (NED)
         2e  Henk Broeders (3silver medal)
         4e  Jan Fokken
         2002, Ny-Hotton (BEL)
         1e  Jan Fokken (2golden medal)
         2e  Henk Broeders (4silver medal)
         2003, Wanroij (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (6golden medal)
         2 Jan Fokken (3e silver medal)
         2004, Ny-Hotton (BEL)
         1 Henk Broeders (7golden medal)
         2e  Jan Fokken (4silver medal)
         2005, Oudehaske (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (8golden medal)
         5e  Jan Fokken
         2006, Balen (BEL)
         1e  Henk Broeders (9e gouden medal)
         3e  Jan Fokken (4bronzen medaille)
         2007, Wezeperbrug (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (10golden medaille)
         8 Jan Fokken
         2008, Ny Hotton (BEL)
         2 Jan Fokken (5silver medal)
         3e  Henk Broeders (1bronze medal)
         2009, Wezeperbrug (NED)
         1 Henk Broeders (11golden medal)
         4e  Jan Fokken
         2010, Izier (BEL)
         1e  Henk Broeders (12golden medal)
         6e  Jan Fokken
          2011, Joure (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (13golden medal)
         6Jan Fokken
         2012, Ny-Hotton (BEL)
         1 Henk Broeders (14golden medal)
         2e  Jan Fokken (6silver medaille)
         2013, Wezeperbrug (NED)
         2 Henk Broeders (5zilveren medal)
         7e  Jan Fokken
         2014, Wezeperbrug (NED)
         1e  Henk Broeders (15golden medal)
         7e  Jan Fokken
         2015, Vielsalm (BEL)
         1e  Henk Broeders (16golden medal)
         3e  Jan Fokken (5bronze medal)
         2016, Vielsalm (BEL)
         2e  Henk Broeders (6e silver medal)
         6e  Jan Fokken
         2017, Vielsalm (BEL)
         1e Henk Broeders (17e golden medal)
         9e Jan Fokken

        31 years of experience, 31 years champions and 31 years of fun.
        Congratulates men.


Saga Japan World Championships 2016;
28th October - 7th November
No. 1: Rhett Heartsill (USA)                 26160 points
No. 2: Rimas Kostiuskevicius (LTU)      23907 points
No. 3.: Stefan Zeberli (SUI)                 22609 points

No.65: Steven Vlegels (BEL)                15496 points
No.74: Jan Timmers (BEL)                  14809 points
No.76: Henk Broeders (NED)              14566 points
No.78: Jan Oudenampsen (NED)         12369 points
No.93: Jan Fokken (NED)                   11448 points

Total Results

Team Hawkeye wants to say thanks to all the people who have bought a ticket and
so sponsored us with this, thereby we can go to the World Championships Hot Air Ballooning.
Below you will find a few movies of all the winners who have won a balloon flight.


Last draw with all the sold tickets.

Draw among sponsors of Henk Broeders and Maikel Kouwenberg.

Draw among sponsors of Bram de Kanter.

The fourth 250 tickets are sold and so the fourth draw took place for a free ballonflight.

The third 250 tickets are sold and so the third draw took place for a free balloonflight.

The second 250 tickets are sold and so the second draw took place for a free balloonflight.

The first 250 tickets are sold and so the first draw took place for a free balloonflight.

          Dutch Championships Hot Air Ballooning 5-8 May.
          Overall champions:
          No. 1 Uwe Schneider (GER)
          No. 2 David Barford (GBR)
          No. 3 Daniel Kusternigg (AUT)

          Dutch champions:
          No. 1 Bert Stuiver
          No. 2 Henk Broeders
          No. 3 Maikel Kouwenberg

          Belgium champions:
          No. 1 Steven Vlegels
          No. 2 David Spildooren
          No. 3 Philippe de Cock


         Dutch Championships Hot Air Ballooning 5 - 8 May.
         Overall Champions:
         No. 1 Uwe Schneider (GER)
         No. 2 David Barford (GBR)
         No. 3 Daniel Kusternigg (AUT)

         Dutch Champions:
         No. 1 Bert Stuiver
         No. 2 Henk Broeders
         No. 3 Maikel Kouwenberg 

         Belgain Champions:
         No. 1 Steven Vlegels
         No. 2 David Spildooren
         No. 3 Philippe de Cock


5 t/m 8 mei 2016
NK Ballonvaren, Vielsalm België

 5 t/m 6 maart 2016
Ad Ballon Cup 2016

27 t/m 28 februari 2016
Het weekend van 27-28 februari gaat de Ad Ballon cup niet door ivm te veel wind
De Ad Ballon Cup met een uitloop naar 5 t/m 6 maart.



1-13 December 2015 
The World Air Games 2015 Dubai

Results you will find below:
Flight 1: Hesitation Waltz                   
            Hare and Hounds                   
            Fly On                                   

Flight 2: Pilot Declared Race to Area    results
            Hesitation Waltz                     

Flight 3: Fly In                                   results
            Fly On                                   

Flight 4: Hare and Hounds                  results

Total results 

11-17 August 2015

European Championships Hot Air Ballooning Debrecen Hungary.
Results are known and the no. 1 to 3 are:

15333 points Stefan Zeberli  Switserland

15141 points Sven Goehler   Germany
14417 points Vito Rome       Slovenia

Total results can be found in the link below.

Total Results

May 2015

The Dutch (open) Championships Hot Air Ballooning are flown.
Team Hawkeye, Pilot Henk Broeders, has defended his title successfully.
Henk Broeders is now 16 times Dutch Champion.

Top 3 Dutch competitors:
1. Henk Broeders
2. Jan Oudenampsen
3. Jan Fokken

Top 3 Belgium competitors:
1. Steven Vlegels
2. Ann Herdewijn
3. Philippe de Cock

Top 3 overall competitors:
1. Steven Vlegels (BEL)
2. David Linek (CZE)
3. Peter Olsson (SWE)

Results are listed below

Total results

Februari 2015
World ranking list Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2015
World Ranking list
Team Hawkeye "Henk Broeders" ranks on 18th place.

9 January 2015
Belgium / Dutch Balloon competition,

            Team Hawkeye

Results you find 


9 - 13 September 2014
1e Women`s World Hot Air Ballooning Championships, Leszno, Poland
Follow it on:

1 - 5 September 2014
2nd World Junior Hot Air Ballooning Championships, Vichy, France
Follow it on:

28 August 2014
58th Gordon Bennett, Long distance Gas Ballooning Championships, Follow it on:              

19 - 24 August 2014
British National Championships, Berkeley, United Kingdom.
More information about the British Hot Air Ballooning Championships you can find on:

19 - 24 August 2014
French Nationals, Sablé-sur-Sarthe, Frankrijk.
More information about the French Hot Air Ballooning Championships you can find on:

19 - 24 August 2014
Nordic Balloon Cup Denemarken
More information about the Danish Hot Air Ballooning Championships you can find on:

20 - 25 July 2014
World Championships 2014 Brazil.

Hawkeye Team ended on place 28.

Results you can find on:
WC2014 results

1st flight is made 2 markers (HWZ, JDG) droped and a donut flown.
Flight 2 Race to an area and a fly on.
Flight 3 Fly In, Minimum Distance Double Drop, Judge Declared Goal and Hesitation Waltz.
Flight 4 Hesitation Waltz, Hesitation Waltz.
Flight 5 Fly In, Judge Declared Goal, Judge Declared Goal, Hesitation Waltz and a Land Run.
Flight 6 Hare and Hounds.
Flight 7 Hesitation Waltz, Hesitation Waltz.
Flight 8 Fly In, Fly On.
Flight 9 Hesitation Waltz, Fly On.

Tuesday July 15 we “Team Hawkeye” went to Brazil for the World Championships Hot Air Ballooning.

We could make this trip thanks to our sponsors who sponsored half of our cost.
In addition, a large portion of the other half brought in by selling tickets

to passengers, family, crew members, etc. etc.

We want to thank our sponsors, but also crew members of Ad Ballon who have supported us
by selling tickets , in stands at fairs / events, to promote us and buy tickets.

sold tickets:  
The first draw took place on January 8, 2014 and the winner is:
Mr./Ms. Sprenkels from Zundert (NL).
The draw under the sponsors took place on April 11, 2014 the winners are:
CLTV Zundert,
Recreatieparadijs De Belhamel and
Reptielenhuis De Aarde.

The second draw took place on May 4, 2014 and the winner is
Mr./Ms. Koeijvoets from Essen (B).

2e trekking     

The third draw took place on July 22, 2014 and the winner is
Mr./Ms. Verduijn from Waspik.

The fourth draw took place on July 13, 2014 and the winner is
Mr./Ms. Van der Straten from Etten-Leur.


The fifth draw took place on July 13, 2014 and the winner is
Ms. Teunissen-Creijsberg
from Fijnaart.
The last draw with all sold tickets took also place on July 13, 2014 and the winner is
Mr./Ms. Veenswijk from Baarle Hertog (Belgium).


More pictures can you find on our fotogallery.

1 June 2014
Dutch Hot Air Ballooning Championships are flown. Until the last minute it was exciting.
Eventually Henk Broeders became Dutch Champion for the 15th time.
Dutch Championships 2014:
29 May 2014
More information about the Swiss Hot Air Ballooning Championships you can find on:

1 May 2014
15e Mountain Balloon Competition (POL)

30 April 2014

Open 33e Austria and German Hot Air Balloon Championships.

27 April 2014
Open Australian Hot Air Balloon Championships.

30 March 2014                                                                                                                                                                                 
The results of the Exel Challenge 2014 are known.  
And the winner is 
Results Exel Challenge 2014!!! 
Look at: 
Championships / Other championships.       

23 March 2014
The World Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2016
Will take place in....


July 2013
World ranking list Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2013.
Team Hawkeye "Henk Broeders" ranks on 21th place.



25-28 May 2017
Dutch Championships Hot Air Ballooning, Viesalm Belgium

Ad Ballon Cup 11-12 March
Results you will find below;

Ad Ballon Cup 4-5 March 
is gecancelled because of too much wind and rain.

4-5 March 2017 (reserve 11-12 March 2017)
Ad Ballon Cup, Breda
Below appendix; Information and application form
Application form.

European Championships 2017
Will take place in Brissac, France
21-27 August.