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21th European Championships Hot Air Ballooning
22 - 27 oct 2019, Mallorca, Spain
1-13 sept 2020, World Air Games, Turkey
24th World Championships Hot Air Ballooning
20-26 sept 2020, Murska Sobota, Slovenie...
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Hawkeye Team
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Hawkeye Team
Ook dit jaar organiseert Ad Ballon weer een internationale wedstrijd in de omgeving van Breda/Zundert. Deze wedstri…
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Hawkeye Team
Ad Ballon is organising this year again the Ad Ballon Cup 2018. The dates are 3 and 4 november (reservedate is10 an…
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Our team Hawkeye has three crew members who has his/her own tasks.
Below we would like introduce ourselves.

Iris Broeders - van Ham
I started as crew member for Ad Ballon Ballonvaarten BV in 2001. The passion for hot air ballooning was there very quickly.
I have extended in 2007 this passion to hot air ballooning championships.

My first championship was in 2007 at the European Championships in Magdenburg, Germany.
After this I have made serveral long distance journey for both European as World Championships.

The tension during the briefings and then the discharge when the marker is dropped on the target are intense. 
Wonderful in the outdoors and to be able to enjoy a fun sport / free time spending.



Caroline Splinters

As a little girl, my interest in ballooning begins. Grandpa and Grandma were often in the backyard to point to the balloons. The fascination was inevitable when a balloon landed in our backyard and I even could stand in the basket for a moment when it went a small meter up in the air. Only then I was too young.

In 2000 it was so far and I started as crewmember. In the years to come, I also learned the game skills. First as official, later as crew member in a competition team. In 2012, I got the opportunity to get my brevet and since 2014 I can call myself a pilot.

In ecent years I have been able to experience several DC`s, EC`s and WC`s in Hungary and Japan, as crew member. As co-pilot to Poland and Lithuania. In 2015 I participated in the Women`s Europeans in my own country. In the next few years I hope to participate as a contestant in competitions to gain experience, To keep competitions a live, and to go for the first female Dutch Champion.

Hot Air Ballooning is for me a moment of enjoyment, peace and cosiness, being outside and getting together to get the best when it comes to competitions.

 Carola van den Broek
Many years ago I started to follow hot air balloons. In 1994 I made my first flight, after that I was sold.

In 2001 I started as crew and I have been in a other competition team for several years. 
Unfortunately this team stopt competing and I miss this championships come about.  I have also crewed by Caroline at the World Championships for women. After that it became quiet again. 

Now I can be part of a nice women team. Oh, sorry, Henk almost forgot you. Still, I'm very excited to feel tension when your team is coming and you need to go to a pick-up location in fast-moving. It's tough days, but super fun to participate.



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